The Purge 1×02 – ‘Take What’s Yours’

The Purge has made the translation to the small screen and on a weekly basis, I’ll be reviewing the show in capsule form for Set The Tape. Here’s a preview of my review of the second episode, Take What’s Yours.

The second episode of The Purge’s translation to television begins with a reminder of the title of the first episode and the key question which underpins the entire concept of the show, and the franchise – what is America?

Horror and speculative alternate future fiction always take a reflective cue from the age in which they are made, whether it’s the Red Scare of Invasion of the Body Snatchers in the 50’s to the teen slasher genre Halloween birthed in the wake of a depressed, cynical 70’s. The Purge is no different and Take What’s Yours continues the blend of unsubtle social commentary and pulp thrills which characterise James DeMonaco’s creation.

Thomas Kelly’s script both giveth and taketh away in the same breath here, as the most interesting aspect of the story comes and goes in a quick flourish. Earnest ex-Marine Miguel (Gabriel Chavarria), as he continues his search through the streets of LA for his cult-indoctrinated sister, finds himself unwittingly dragged into ‘The Gauntlet’ – an annual Purge game show broadcast by a sadistic host named Otis in which the player has to survive a series of assaults to win, live and as it turns out, speed off in a shiny new Mustang. Yeah, I know – The Running Man, right? The Purge isn’t even coy in trying to emulate Paul Michael Glaser’s cult 80’s slice of Schwarzenegger schlock, both in concept and visuals.

Read the rest of this review here.

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