Since the beginning of 2014, I’ve been a rampant podcaster. Indeed, that’s where you may well know me from. I know what you’re thinking – surely, Tony, you’ve got a handy link to every podcast appearance you’ve made over the years?

Well, you’re in luck. Below you can find my podcast history so far, broken down into a few sub-sections for ease depending on the topic of interest. Enjoy!


Pick a Flick!


Originally a spin-off project from Black Hole Cinema, the aim here was to develop a show based more specifically on audience feedback. They would choose a film over social media and myself & guests would view and discuss it. The format took in several diverse movies each week and the beauty of this was the ability to talk older pictures, where BHC was designed around new material. Pick a Flick! to some degree feels like me still figuring out what I want to do with film podcasting, and again I experimented with guest hosts and different ideas.

One reason I’ll always love PAF–aside from the concept of listeners picking films to discuss–is that it truly helped expand my horizons with guests, bringing on people I hadn’t worked with before & building lots of new contacts along the way.


1 – A Quest For Peas

with Emma Platt & Dan Taylor

Trainspotting, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

2 – Doth Mother Know You Weareth Her Drapes?

with Louise Macarthur-Clare

Henry V, Romeo & Juliet (1996), 10 Things I Hate About You, Macbeth (2015).

3 – You’re Tearing Me Apart, FIFA!

with Matt Dawson & Matt Latham

United Passions, The Room.

5 – Do You Expect Them to Talk?

with Dave Bond, Chris Byrne & Becca Andrews

The James Bond series, up to Spectre.

6 – Spice Up Your (Sex) Life

with Matt Latham & Matt Dawson

Confessions of a Window Cleaner, Spiceworld.

7 – Under Your Skin

with Laura Rogers

Under the Skin, Unbreakable.

8 – Eyes Wide on the Tide

with Chris Haigh & Dave Bond

Crimson Tide, Eyes Wide Shut.

9 – Jurassic Park: Audio Commentary

Audio commentary by me for the first Jurassic Park. I took a day off work for this!

10 – Come Dine with Babette

with Leslie Byron Pitt & Chris Wallace

Babette’s Feast, Bulworth.

12 – Pick a (TV Show)!

with Matt Latham

Arrested Development, Police Squad.

13 – Sean Connery vs He-Man

with Owen Hughes & Dave Bond

Zardoz, Masters of the Universe

14 – ‘Tis a Silly Podcast

with Matt Latham & Becca Andrews

Monty Python & the Holy Grail & This Is Spinal Tap

15 – Pick a (Christmas) Flick!

with Jack Stewart, Chris Wallace & Phil Sharman

Love Actually, Paper Moon

16 – The Podcast Awakens

with Sean Wilson & Laura Rogers

The Star Wars Franchise up to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens


18 – Now That’s What I Call Philadelphia!

with Mathew Howell & Andrew Brooker

The Rocky Franchise up to Creed.

24 – Bigger, Longer, Probably Cut

with Matt Latham

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Can’t Hardly Wait.

26 – Day vs Knight (Pt 1)

with Andrew Brooker

The Dark Knight Rises & Man of Steel

27 – Day vs Knight (Pt 2)

with Andrew Brooker

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

32 – Fix a Flick: Avengers: Age of Ultron

with Andrew Brooker

Avengers: Age of Ultron

38 – Pick a (TV Show) #2: Friends

with Matt Latham


Black Hole Cinema


My very first podcast endeavour, back at the start of 2014. It began with me and not even a mic, rather just a computer, babbling about new movies (at the time). Soon, friends started dripping on in segments, before joining me for full episodes, and eventually co-hosting or even hosting episodes themselves. Some of these won’t have great audio or editing quality, very rough around the edges DIY podcasting, but they’ll always have a special place in my heart as my first ventures into the audio world.

Will the show ever return? Probably not, though I have said that before. Mind you, it’s taken nearly four years to realise the title is probably rampantly egotistical!


1 – Do the Hustle

American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave, 2014 Academy Award predictions.

2 – LEGOCop

The LEGO Movie, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Robocop.

3 – Small Screen Special

with Matt Latham

The US & UK Office, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

4 – Non-Stop Neeson

with Luke Asquith

Non-Stop, The Book Thief, Mean Girls.

5 – Oscars 2014 Special

with Chris Wilson

The 2014 Academy Awards.

6 – Rise of a Nympho

with Chris Wilson & Emma Platt

Nymphomaniac, 300: Rise of an Empire, Ghostbusters.

7 – Grand Budapest on Speed

with Dan Taylor

The Grand Budapest Hotel, Need for Speed, Les Miserables.

8 – Women from Mars

Under the Skin, Veronica Mars

9 – Muppets Most Marvel

with Adam Scott

Muppets Most Wanted, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Usual Suspects.

10 – Double Divergence

Divergent, The Double, A Long Way Down.

11 – Be Quiet, Noah

with Andrew Corvero

Noah, The Quiet Ones, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

12 – The Amazing Spider-Raid

with Matt Latham

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Raid 2, Can’t Hardly Wait.

13 – Transcendental

with Ioan Holland

Transcendence, Locke, Nausicaa & the Valley of the Wind.

14 – Pompeii in Ruin

with Eleonore Vraine

Pompeii, Blue Ruin, Bad Neighbours, The Other Woman, Her.

15 – Arnie Sabotages His Career

with Adam Massingham

Sabotage, 24: Live Another Day, Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey

16 – All About Godzilla

with Lee Chrimes

Godzilla (1954), Godzilla (2014)

17 – Films of Future Past

with Tom East & Ian Austin

The X-Men Franchise up to X-Men: Days of Future Past

18 – A Million Ways to Die Tomorrow

with Pete D. Gaskell

A Million Ways to Die in the West, Edge of Tomorrow, Blended, Run For Your Wife (yes, really), The Maltese Falcon


19 – The Unexpected Theory of Ignorance

with Matt Latham & Dan Taylor

The Theory of Everything, Birdman, Taken 3, Unbroken, BAFTA 2015 nominations.

20 – American Foxcatcher

with Matt Latham & Dan Taylor

American Sniper, Foxcatcher, Into the Woods.

21 – A Most Violent Machina

with Dan Taylor & Leslie Byron Pitt

Ex Machina, A Most Violent Year, Whiplash, Mortdecai.

22 – Vice Ascending

with Matt Latham & Owen Hughes

Inherent Vice, Jupiter Ascending, Selma, Big Hero 6, Kingsman: The Secret Service.

23 – Oscars 2015 Special

with Pete D. Gaskell & Chris Wilson

The 2015 Academy Awards, Cake, The Wedding Ringer, Project Almanac, Predestination.

24 – It Focuses

with Adam Massingham & Leslie Byron Pitt

Recorded ‘live’ in High Wycombe, It Follows, Focus, The Boy Next Door, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, RIP Leonard Nimoy.

25 – LOST INTERVIEW: The Empire Strikes Back

with Mathew Howell

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

26 – LOST INTERVIEW: Inception

with Dino Leone


27 – Still Chappie

with Dan Taylor, Emma Platt & Owen Hughes

Chappie, Still Alice, Unfinished Business, Kill the Messenger.

28 – LOST INTERVIEW: A Nightmare on Elm St 

with Adam Massingham

A Nightmare on Elm St (original)

29 – The Wild Gunman

with Dan Taylor & Matt Latham

The Gunman, Insurgent, Wild Card, The Voices, Suite Francaise.

30 – LOST INTERVIEW: Rear Window

with Chris Haigh

Rear Window

31 – Get Cinderella

with Leslie Byron Pitt

Cinderella, Get Hard, Seventh Son, Robot Overlords.

32 – LOST INTERVIEW: Dawn of the Dead

with Ian Austin

Dawn of the Dead

33 – Very Fast, Very Furious

with Tom East & Emma Platt

The Fast & Furious Franchise up to Furious 7.

34 – Age of Marvel

with Dan Taylor, Emma Platt, Matt Latham, Lee Chrimes, Pete D. Gaskell, Tom East

The Marvel Cinematic Universe up to Avengers: Age of Ultron.

35 – LOST INTERVIEW: Street Fighter

with Lee Chrimes

Street Fighter

37 – LOST INTERVIEW: House of Flying Daggers

with Tom East

House of Flying Daggers

39 – CLASSIC: Night of the Hunter

with Leslie Byron Pitt

Night of the Hunter

42 – CROSSOVER SPECIAL: Episode II: The Failed Black Hole Word of Friction Wikishuffle Critics Quizcast

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman, Jack Stewart, Phil Sharman, Chris Wallace, Pete D. Gaskell, Chris Haigh, Emma Platt & Chris Byrne.

Quiz special podcast battle between Black Hole Cinema, Failed Critics, Wikishuffle, The Word of Nerd & Fan Friction.

44 – CLASSIC: 2001: A Space Odyssey

with Owen Hughes

2001: A Space Odyssey

45 – Spy Insidiously

with Emma Platt, Chris Haigh & Ian Austin

Spy, Insidious: Chapter 3, launch of Dead Meat.

46 – Jurassic Franchise

with Pete D. Gaskell & Luke Asquith

The Jurassic Park Franchise up to Jurassic World.

47 – The Film is Afoot

with Matt Latham & Dan Taylor

Mr. Holmes, Entourage, Oscar Hall of Fame.

49 – CLASSIC: Blade Runner

with Matt Latham

Blade Runner.

50 – You Are Terminated

with Lee Chrimes

The Terminator franchise up to Terminator: Genisys.

53 – Summer 2015: What We Missed

with Dan Taylor & Emma Platt

Inside Out, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, Fantastic Four, Hitman: Agent 47, Absolutely Anything, Trainwreck, Paper Towns.

54 – The Maze Legend

with Leslie Byron Pitt & Kane Richards

Legend, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

56 – CLASSIC: A Taste of Honey

with Emma Platt

A Taste of Honey


58 – Oscars 2016 Special

with Dan Taylor & Chris Wilson

The Academy Awards 2016.

62 – Batman vs Superman vs Everyone

with Dan Taylor & Chris Haigh

High Rise, The Witch, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice


Trek FM’s Primitive Culture


A show which taps into my other great television love – Star Trek. Having found the Trek FM network via friend Zach Moore and guesting on his show Standard Orbit, I for a while wanted to create a show all about history & culture in relation to Trek, and once I heard the learned Duncan Barrett on Trek FM’s philosophy show Meta Treks, I knew he’d be the ideal flight partner for this one. I messaged him, ideas flew, and the rest is future history.

I have since (as of May 2018) stepped down as a co-host, but Primitive Culture is a thrill to research and record, and I am excited to appear every now and then as a guest to talk Trek.


1 – Destroyers of Worlds

with Duncan Barrett

Discussing Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, ENT’s Degra & VOY’s Jetrel

2 – LeVar Burton’s Stand In

with Duncan Barrett

Discussing The Manchurian Candidate in relation to TNG’s ‘The Mind’s Eye’

3 – One for the Hero, One for the Villain

with Duncan Barrett

Discussing The Wrath of Khan in relation to 19th century literature

Supplemental 1 – Caught off Guard

with Duncan Barrett

Discussing modern terrorism in relation to Trek

4 – Flirty Fly-Boys

with Duncan Barrett

Discussing the legacy of WW2 in TOS

5 – Computer, End Program!

with Duncan Barrett

Discussing Westworld in relation to Trek’s holodeck

6 – Brave New Worlds

with Duncan Barrett

Discussing Shakespeare in Trek (Part 1)

7 – Were I Human

with Duncan Barrett

Discussing Shakespeare in Trek (Part 2)

8 – Not Futile

with Duncan Barrett

Discussing the Maquis in Trek and the French WW2 Resistance.

9 – Yippie-ki-yay

with Duncan Barrett

Discussing Trek in relation to 90’s action movies

14 – The Trek is Out There

with Duncan Barrett

Discussing Trek in relation to The X-Files

15 – Existence is Futile

with Duncan Barrett

Discussing time loops in Trek and beyond. Recorded live near London’s Trafalgar Square.

16 – More, More, More, More, More!

with Duncan Barrett, Clara Cook & Tony Robinson

Discussing ‘Directors Cuts’ of movies, including Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Recorded live at the Prince Charles Cinema, London.


24 – Heart of Lightness

with Duncan Barrett

Comparing Star Trek: Insurrection with Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and talking Michael Piller’s Fade In.

26 – Clara Dropkicks a Borg

with Clara Cook

Fan fiction in Star Trek and as a whole, including my own foray into scripted Trek-fic, Star Trek: Premonition.

27 – The Purview of the Diplomats

with Duncan Barrett & Keith R.A. DeCandido

Star Trek and Federation politics, including comparisons to The West Wing and Keith’s book, Articles of the Federation. (Last episode as co-host of the show)

43 – Diversity Is Survival

with Duncan Barrett, Clara Cook, Tony Robinson, Lee Hutchison, Una McCormack and lots of Star Trek actors!

The first of three live episodes from Destination Star Trek 2018 at Birmingham’s NEC. I appear co-interviewing Alexander ‘Doctor Bashir’ Siddig, talking to Trek author Una McCormack about DS9, and previewing & reacting to DS9 documentary, What We Left Behind.

44 – From Space Nazis to the Starry Sea

with Duncan Barrett, Clara Cook, Lee Hutchison and Larry Nemecek

The second live at DST 2018 episode and quite a special one, as I feature in two live panels on the NEC Excelsior stage. The first discussing Trek and WW2, the second hosting a panel discussing the book, Star Trek: The Human Frontier, and Trek’s links to nautical literature.

45 – Weekly Trek

with Duncan Barrett, Clara Cook, Lee Hutchison, Tony Robinson, Rob Chapman and Rick Everson

The third and final live DST episode, from the Hilton Metropole hotel, talking about Trek’s links to repertory theatre.

The X-Cast: An X-Files Podcast


The show that has become my bread and podcasting butter, based on my eternal love for The X-Files. Started at the end of 2015 as the show was about to be revived, The X-Cast has steadily grown into its own community of podcasters, bloggers and fans working together to appreciate their favourite show. It’s now as much their show as it is mine and its arguably my most successful podcast endeavour to date, with around 100,000 downloads across the last year (to date).

There will eventually be an end to this one, once we’ve exhausted the show, but we’re many years away from that yet…


1 – The X-Primer

with Tanya Hernandez

Introduction to why I love The X-Files, and how the podcast will run.

2 – Pilot

with Lee Howard

Analysing 1×01 ‘Pilot’

3 – Deep Throat

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing 1×02 ‘Deep Throat’


4 – Squeeze

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing 1×03 ‘Squeeze’

5 – Conduit

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing 1×04 ‘Conduit’

6 – The Jersey Devil

with Zach Moore

Analysing 1×05 ‘The Jersey Devil’

7 – Matt Allair of The X-Files Lexicon

with Matt Allair

Interview discussing the X-Files Lexicon site.

8 – Season 10 01: Mulder I (My Struggle)

with Tanya Hernandez

Analysing Mulder in ‘My Struggle’

9 – Season 10 02: Scully I (My Struggle)

with Tanya Hernandez

Analysing Scully in ‘My Struggle’

10 – Season 10 03: Tad O’Malley & Sveta (My Struggle)

with Tanya Hernandez

Analysing Tad & Sveta in ‘My Struggle’

11 – Season 10 04: Skinner & the Smoking Man

with Tanya Hernandez

Analysing Skinner & the Smoking Man in ‘My Struggle’

12 – Season 10 05: Roswell

with Tanya Hernandez

Analysing the Roswell incident in ‘My Struggle’

13 – Season 10 06: Mulder II (Founders Mutation)

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing Mulder in ‘Founders Mutation’

14 – Season 10 07: Scully II (Founders Mutation)

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing Scully in ‘Founders Mutation’

15 – Season 10 08: Augustus, Kyle & Molly (Founders Mutation)

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing characters in ‘Founders Mutation’

16 – Season 10 09: Mulder & Scully III (Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster)

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing Mulder & Scully in ‘Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster’

17 – Season 10 10: Darin Morgan & his Easter Eggs (Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster)

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing Darin Morgan’s ‘Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster’

18 – Season 10 11: Guy Mann (Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster)

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing the Guy Mann character in ‘Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster’

19 – Greg Cox on The Truth Is Out There Anthology

with Greg Cox

Interview discussing Greg’s short story in the IDW anthology.

20 – Season 10 12: Glen Morgan & James Wong (Home Again)

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing the writer/director team of Morgan & Wong in ‘Home Again’

21 – Season 10 13: Mulder & Scully IV (Home Again)

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing Mulder & Scully in ‘Home Again’

22 – Season 10 14: The Trashman (Home Again)

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing the Trashman character in ‘Home Again’

23 – Season 10 15: Mulder & Scully V (Babylon)

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing Mulder & Scully in ‘Babylon’

24 – Season 10 16: Agents Miller & Einstein (Babylon)

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing agents Miller & Einstein in ‘Babylon’

25 – Season 10 17: Chris Carter (Babylon)

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing Chris Carter’s writing/direction in ‘Babylon’

26 – Keith R.A. DeCandido on the Trust No One Anthology

with Keith R.A. DeCandido

Interview discussing Keith’s short story in the IDW anthology.

27 – Season 10 18: Scully VI (My Struggle II)

with Tanya Hernandez

Analysing Scully in ‘My Struggle II’

28 – Season 10 19: Mulder VI (My Struggle II)

Guest: Tanya Hernandez

Analysing Mulder in ‘My Struggle II’

29 – Season 10 20: Season 10 Overview

with Tanya Hernandez

An overview of the 10th season.

30 – Shadows

with Matt Lambourne

Analysing episode 1×06 ‘Shadows’

31 – X-Files: The Musical

with Lindsey Kerns & Philip Malcom

Interview with the Colonel Mustard company.

32 – Ghost in the Machine

with Matt Lambourne

Analysing episode 1×07 ‘Ghost in the Machine’

33 – Ice

with Matt Latham

Analysing episode 1×08 ‘Ice’

34 – Space

with Matt Latham

Analysing episode 1×09 ‘Space’

35 – Fallen Angel

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing episode 1×10 ‘Fallen Angel’

36 – Eve

with Lee Howard

Analysing episode 1×11 ‘Eve’

37 – Fire

with Lee Howard

Analysing episode 1×12 ‘Fire’

38 – Beyond the Sea

with Clarence Moye

Analysing episode 1×13 ‘Beyond the Sea’

39 – Genderbender

with Wayne Talbot

Analysing episode 1×14 ‘Genderbender’

40 – Lazarus

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing episode 1×15 ‘Lazarus’

41 – Young at Heart

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing episode 1×16 ‘Young at Heart’

42 – E.B.E

with Matt Lambourne

Analysing episode 1×17 ‘E.B.E’

43 – Miracle Man

with Wayne Talbot

Analysing episode 1×18 ‘Miracle Man’

44 – Shapes

with Zach Moore

Analysing episode 1×19 ‘Shapes’

45 – Darkness Falls

with Zach Moore

Analysing episode 1×20 ‘Darkness Falls’

46 – Tooms

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing episode 1×21 ‘Tooms’

47 – Born Again

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing episode 1×22 ‘Born Again’

48 – Roland

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing episode 1×23 ‘Roland’

49 – The Erlenmeyer Flask

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing episode 1×24 ‘The Erlenmeyer Flask’ and Season One overview

50 – Denton J. Tipton on IDW’s The X-Files Comics

with Denton J. Tipton

Interview discussing IDW X-Files comics.

51 – Matthew Dow Smith on The X-Files Origins

with Matthew Dow Smith

Interview discussing IDW’s The X-Files Origins comic.

52 – Little Green Men

with Darren Mooney

Analysing episode 2×01 ‘Little Green Men’

53 – The Host

with Clarence Moye

Analysing episode 2×02 ‘The Host’

54 – Blood

with Zach Moore

Analysing episode 2×03 ‘Blood’

55 – Sleepless

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing episode 2×04 ‘Sleepless’

56 – John Kenneth Muir on The X-Files FAQ

with John Kenneth Muir

Interview discussing John’s book, The X-Files FAQ.

57 – Duane Barry

with Darren Mooney

Analysing episode 2×05 ‘Duane Barry’

58 – Ascension

with Darren Mooney

Analysing episode 2×06 ‘Ascension’

59 – 3

with Matt Allair

Analysing episode 2×07 ‘3’

60 – Mark Snow, Composer of The X-Files

with Mark Snow & Brandon Shea-Mutala

Interview with the composer of The X-Files.

61 – Roundtable #1

with Carl Sweeney, Sarah Blair, Baz Greenland & Paige Schector

Talking some key X-Files questions.

62 – One Breath

with Darren Mooney

Analysing episode 2×08 ‘One Breath’

63 – Millennium After the Millennium

with Troy Foreman & Jason Morris

Discussing the upcoming Millennium After the Millennium documentary film.

64 – Firewalker

with Jade Shames

Analysing episode 2×09 ‘Firewalker’

65 – The X-Quiz 2016

with Carl Sweeney, Sarah Blair, Amy Walker & Baz Greenland

Quiz panel episode.


66 – Jonathan Maberry on The X-Files Origins & Anthologies

with Jonathan Maberry

Interview discussing his contributions to X-Files tie-in fiction.

67 – Red Museum

with Matt Latham

Analysing episode 2×10 ‘Red Museum’

68 – Goblins

with Sarah Blair

Analysing tie-in novel ‘Goblins’

69 – Excelsis Dei

with Andrew Brooker

Analysing episode 2×11 ‘Excelsis Dei’

70 – Scott Bellis aka Max Fenig

with Scott Bellis


71 – Aubrey

with Brandon Shea-Mutala

Analysing episode 2×12 ‘Aubrey’

72 – The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos

with George Ivanoff

Analysing tie-in book ‘Agent of Chaos’

73 – Irresistible

with Carl Sweeney

Analysing episode 2×13 ‘Irresistible’

74 – Chris Carter’s The After

with Darren Mooney

Analysing the pilot of ‘The After’

75 – Die Hand Die Verletzt

with Wayne Talbot

Analysing episode 2×14 ‘Die Hand Die Verletzt’

76 – Fresh Bones

with Jim Beard

Analysing episode 2×15 ‘Fresh Bones’

77 – Colony

with Darren Mooney

Analysing episode 2×16 ‘Colony’

78 – End Game

with Darren Mooney

Analysing episode 2×17 ‘End Game’

79 – Fearful Symmetry

with Zach Moore

Analysing episode 2×18 ‘Fearful Symmetry’

80 – The X-Files Origins: Devil’s Advocate

with Lauren A. Forry

Analysing tie-in book ‘Devil’s Advocate’

82 – Joe Harris on The X-Files Comics & Cold Cases

with Joe Harris

Interview with the writer of The X-Files IDW comics.

85 – F. Emasculata

with John Kenneth Muir

Analysing episode 2×22 ‘F. Emasculata’

86 – Matthew Dow Smith on The X-Files Origins: Dog Days of Summer

with Matthew Dow Smith

Interview talking IDW X-Files comic, Dog Days of Summer.

89 – Anasazi

with Darren Mooney

Analysing episode 2×25 ‘Anasazi’, plus Season 2 post-mortem and top/bottom 5 season episodes.

90 – Dirk Maggs on The X-Files: Cold Cases

with Dirk Maggs

Interview with the producer of audio drama, Cold Cases.

93 – Podwatch #1: Introduction & Pilot

with Carl Sweeney

Introducing the Podwatch and talking ‘Pilot’

110 – Darren Mooney on Opening the X-Files

with Darren Mooney

Interview about the book, Opening The X-Files.

114 – Podwatch #21: Colony & End Game

with Andrew Brooker

Talking ‘Colony’ & ‘End Game’

144 – Podwatch #51: Unusual Suspects & Detour

with Darren Mooney

Talking ‘Unusual Suspects’ & ‘Detour’

145 – Podwatch #52: The Post-Modern Prometheus & Christmas Carol

with Darren Mooney

Talking ‘The Post-Modern Prometheus’ & ‘Christmas Carol’

147 – Podwatch #56: Patient X & The Red and the Black

with Amy Walker

Talking ‘Patient X’ & ‘The Red and the Black’

154 – Podwatch #61: The Beginning & Drive

with Darren Mooney

Talking ‘The Beginning’ & ‘Drive’

159 – Podwatch #66: Two Fathers & One Son

with Carl Sweeney

Talking ‘Two Fathers’ & ‘One Son’

166 – Podwatch #73: Hungry & Millennium

with Carl Sweeney

Talking ‘Hungry’ & ‘Millennium’

176 – Podwatch #83: Within & Without

with Darren Mooney

Talking ‘Within’ & ‘Without’

177 – Podwatch #84: Patience & Roadrunners

with Darren Mooney

Talking ‘Patience’ & ‘Roadrunners’

184 – Podwatch #91: Empedocles & Vienen

with Darren Mooney

Talking ‘Empedocles’ & ‘Vienen’

187 – Podwatch #94: Nothing Important Happened Today II & Daemonicus

with Darren Mooney

Talking ‘NIHT II’ & ‘Daemonicus’

193 – The X-Quiz 2017

with Russ Hugo, Clara Cook, Vanessa, Carolyn (Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast) and Alison & Courtney (The Double X-Files)

Quiz panel episode


195 – Podwatch #101: William & Release

with Carl Sweeney

Talking ‘William’ & ‘Release’

196 – Podwatch #102: Sunshine Days & The Truth

with Darren Mooney

Talking ‘Sunshine Days’ & ‘The Truth’

201 – Podwatch #107: Our Struggle – Podcast Reflections & S11 Predictions

with Carl Sweeney, Sarah Blair & Paige Schector

Wrapping up the X-Cast X-Files Podwatch project

203 – SEASON 11 01: Mulder I (My Struggle III)

with Andrew Blaker

Talking Mulder in ‘My Struggle III’

204 – SEASON 11 02: Scully I (My Struggle III)

with Andrew Blaker

Talking Scully in ‘My Struggle III’

205 – SEASON 11 03: Smoking Man, Monica & Skinner (My Struggle III)

with Andrew Blaker

Talking Smoking Man, Monica Reyes & Walter Skinner in ‘My Struggle III’

206 – SEASON 11 04: Chris Carter (My Struggle III)

with Andrew Blaker

Talking Chris Carter and his episode ‘My Struggle III’

207 – Interview: Dean Haglund (aka Langly)

with Dean Haglund

Talking to Dean Haglund about ‘This’ and being one of the Lone Gunmen

212 – The X-Files: Deep State

with Andrew Brooker, Brandon Marche & Elena

Discussing the mobile game, The X-Files: Deep State

214 – SEASON 11 10: Mulder & Scully III (Plus One)

with Paige Schector

Talking Mulder & Scully in ‘Plus One’

215 – SEASON 11 11: Judy & Chucky (Plus One)

with Paige Schector

Talking Judy & Chucky in ‘Plus One’

216 – SEASON 11 12: Chris Carter & Kevin Hooks (Plus One)

with Paige Schector

Talking Chris Carter & Kevin Hooks in ‘Plus One’

219 – SEASON 11 14: Foxy & Scullz IV (The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat)

with Carl Sweeney

Talking Chris Carter & director Kevin Hooks about their episode ‘The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat’

220 – SEASON 11 15: Reggie ‘Something’ & Dr. Thaddeus They (The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat)

with Carl Sweeney

Talking Reggie & Dr. They in ‘The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat’

221 – SEASON 11 16: Darin Morgan & his Easter Eggs II (The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat)

with Carl Sweeney

Talking Darin Morgan and his episode ‘The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat’

222 – Interview: Brian Huskey (aka Reggie ‘Something’)

with Brian Huskey

Talking to Brian Huskey about his appearance in ‘The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat’

224 – Interview: William B. Davis (aka the Cigarette-Smoking Man)

with William B. Davis

Talking to William B. Davis about ‘My Struggle III’ and playing the Smoking Man.

225 – SEASON 11 18: Mulder & Scully V (Ghouli)

with Andrew Brooker

Talking Mulder & Scully in ‘Ghouli’

226 – SEASON 11 19: Jackson van de Kamp & Ghouli (Ghouli)

with Andrew Brooker

Talking Jackson van der Kamp & Ghouli in ‘Ghouli’

227 – SEASON 11 20: James Wong (Ghouli)

with Andrew Brooker

Talking James Wong and his episode ‘Ghouli’

228 – Interview: Dr. Anne Simon (Science Advisor to The X-Files)

with Dr. Anne Simon

Talking to Dr. Anne Simon about her role as science advisor to The X-Files.

238 – Interview: Kristen Cloke-Morgan

with Kristen Cloke-Morgan

Talking to actress Kristen Cloke-Morgan about co-writing the Season 11 episode, ‘Followers’

249 – SEASON 11 38: Mulder & Scully X (My Struggle IV)

with Darren Mooney

Mulder & Scully in ‘My Struggle IV’

250 – SEASON 11 39: William, Skinner, Smoking Man & Everyone Else! (My Struggle IV)

with Darren Mooney

Everyone else in ‘My Struggle IV’

251 – SEASON 11 40: Chris Carter & Season 11 (My Struggle IV)

with Darren Mooney

Everyone else in ‘My Struggle IV’

258 – The Blessing Way

with Darren Mooney

Analysis of Season 3, Episode 1 – ‘The Blessing Way’

259 – Season 11 is Basically Moonraker

with Carl Sweeney

Top 5 movie inspirations on The X-Files. Recorded live from The Railway pub in Birmingham.

260 – Paper Clip

with Darren Mooney & Chris Knowles

Analysis of Season 3, Episode 2 – ‘Paper Clip’

262 – Patron Roundtable #3: Gillian Anderson

with Kurt North, Jenn Ferguson & Adam Silva

Discussing Gillian Anderson and her career, during and post S11 Scully.

267 – The X-Cast LIVE @ Birmingham Podcast Festival

with Carl Sweeney

A live recording at the inaugural Birmingham Podcast Festival at the Mockingbird Cinema in Digbeth, where Carl and I tried to unpick the mythology with humorous results…

UNNUMBERED – The X-Cast Live: Hours 1-24

with Sarah Blair, Carl Sweeney, Kurt North, Matt Latham, Cortlan Waters Bartley, Paige Schector, Darren Mooney, Michelle Milbauer, Adam Silva, Jenn Ferguson, Scott Bellis, Karin Konoval, Anne Simon, JJ Lendl, Kristen Cloke-Morgan & Glen Morgan

Easily my craziest podcast undertaking to date – a live 24 hour podcast marathon from 9am September 1st to 9am September 2nd, which raised over £1200 for the Alzheimer’s Society.

281 – Interview: Frank Spotnitz

with Frank Spotnitz

Interview with the legendary X-Files producer, recorded, I jest ye not, on the morning of my wedding day. My wife is amazing.

282 – Grotesque

with Zach Moore

Analysis of Season 3, Episode 14

286 – Pusher

with Darren Mooney

Analysis of Season 3, Episode 17

287 – Patron Roundtable #5: 25 Moments for 25 Years

with Deana Ferreri, Katie Doe & Joselyn Rojas

Talking multiple favourite X-Files moments across the show’s quarter-century.

297 – Wetwired

with Darren Mooney

Analysis of Season 3, Episode 23

300 – Talitha Cumi

with Darren Mooney

Analysis of Season 3, Episode 24, plus a Season 3 post-mortem and top/bottom episodes.

303 – The X-Files Game

with Andrew Brooker

Analysis of the 1998 PC X-Files Game.


STT: Rewind


In 2017, myself and friend, fellow podcaster and journalist Owen Hughes launched Set The Tape, a new British-based entertainment website, covering film, TV, comics, music, games and more. We decided we wanted to expand into the podcast realm and after the (sort of) end of Failed Critics, Owen and I (alongside regular guest Steve Norman) developed STT: Rewind – a half-hour, fortnightly magazine covering topics connected to what we’re discussing on the site, and brand new goings on in the TV & film arena.

The podcast has now stopped production for the foreseeable future.


Episode 1

with Owen Hughes & Steve Norman

Discussing Wolverine in the MCU, The Handmaid’s Tale S2 and podcasts…

Episode 2

with Steve Norman & Carl Sweeney

Discussing the 2018 Oscar nominations, the new Season 11 of The X-Files, and mobile video games…

Episode 4

with Steve Norman & Clara Cook

Discussing the 2018 BAFTA results, the end of Star Trek: Discovery S1, and podcasts becoming TV shows…

Episode 6

with Steve Norman & Lee Hutchison

Discussing Danny Boyle as Bond director, the Glasgow Film Festival, Season 2 of Jessica Jones, Babylon 5 and podcasts…

Episode 12

with Steve Norman

Discussing Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom and film nostalgia, football films, Luke Cage S2 and Westworld…

Episode 15

with Mark O’Connell

Discussing the book Watching Skies and the rise of blockbusters…

Episode 18

with Steve Norman & Duncan Barrett

Discussing The Nun and horror sequels, the London Film Festival, the Jack Ryan TV series and book Hitler’s British Isles…

Episode 19

with Owen Hughes & Steve Norman

Celebrating the 1st anniversary of Set The Tape. Discussing The Predator, the top 100 films on Shudder, and The Purge TV series…

Episode 21

with Steve Norman

Discussing film festivals, First Man, Star Wars: Resistance, Doctor Who and the upcoming Destination Star Trek 2018 event…

Cultural Conversation


Ever since I started Cultural Conversation as an independent blog space, I always wanted to extend it out into a podcast and allow for multiple topics to be discussed under the one umbrella. In the summer of 2018, I did some experiments with solo audio transcriptions of some of my blog work, which went down quite well, and brewed in an episode of an aborted podcast called Beyond the Screen (which may well one day emerge and become its own thing).

The CC podcast is varied and every now and then, but hopefully it will illuminate topics that people enjoy.


1 – Mission Impossible II: Masculinity, Machinery & Myth-Making

featuring the voices of Russ Hugo & Clara Cook

Discussing the mythical touchstones of John Woo’s Mission Impossible 2.

2 – Beyond the Screen: Fight Club (1999)

with Andrew Brooker

Discussing David Fincher’s 1999 film Fight Club.

3 – Ready Player One: Technology, Spirituality & Nostalgia

Discussing the technological and spiritual underpinnings of Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One.


Failed Critics (2012-2017?)

One of the first shows I had the pleasure of guesting on, Failed Critics has been among the best DIY film shows on the web, and arguably deserves a larger following. Hosted by Owen Hughes & Steve Norman, it’s conversational, down to earth and always a great laugh to be on – like chatting movies down the pub with mates.

FC has sort of now drawn to a close but returns for the occasional new episode. We can only hope one day it’ll rise like a phoenix from the flames…


Avengers Minisode 4: Thor

with Owen Hughes

Discussing Thor in the run up to Age of Ultron

San Andreas, Tomorrowland & A Pod Virgin

with Owen Hughes & Steve Norman

Discussing Tomorrowland

In SPECTRE, It’s Columbo

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman & Brian Plank

Discussing Spectre and the Bond franchise.


Your Toughest Opponent

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman & Andrew Brooker

Discussing Creed and the Rocky franchise

Quizcast: Return of the Matt

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman, Matt Latham, Carole Petts, Matt Lambourne & Matt Aguilera

Panel quiz episode

Nice Matte

with Owen Hughes & Andrew Brooker

Discussing Green Room

Rubber Faced Bottom Buckets

with Owen Hughes, Daryl Bar & Ben Challoner

Discussing Mechanic: Resurrection and The Purge: Election Year

Blair Witch or Killer B*tch

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman & Paul Field

Discussing Blair Witch and the franchise

Trilogy Trashing Triple Bill

with Owen Hughes, Matt Lambourne & Brian Plank

Discussing bad movie trilogies

Halloween Necromancing Triple Bill

with Owen Hughes & Steve Norman

Discussing horror movie triple bills.


with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman & Andrew Brooker

Discussing Arrival and The Danish Girl

Unremarkable Gits & Where to Find Them

with Owen Hughes & Steve Norman

Discussing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Secret Sandra Xmas Special

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman & Brian Plank

Quiz based panel episode


The Old Contemptibles

with Owen Hughes & Andrew Brooker

Recorded live from The Old Contemptibles pub in Birmingham.

Mugs, Tugs & Logan

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman & Andrew Brooker

Discussing Logan & Friend Request

Get In!

with Owen Hughes & Steve Norman

Discussing Get Out & We Still Kill the Old Way

The Dudleycast / Comedy Triple Bill

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman & Paul Field

Discussing Mindhorn and comedy triple bills

Unplugged: Ultimate Haddocks

with Owen Hughes & Andrew Brooker

Recorded live from The Mitre pub in Oxford

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman & Brian Plank

Discussing Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Trek FM’s Standard Orbit (2013-present)

My introduction to the Trek FM podcast network, Standard Orbit is a fun, enjoyable series dedicated to The Original Series, hosted by Ken Tripp & my friend Zach Moore, who I met via The X-Cast. Had Zach not invited me to guest on his show, there undoubtedly would have been no Primitive Culture, my own show on the network.

This show is always fun to pop up on.


144 – Across the Pond

with Zach Moore

Talking about Destination Star Trek 2016, the show in Birmingham, UK.


165 – Star Trek at its Best

with Zach Moore

Discussing The Original Series movies.

197 – Risk is Our Business

with Zach Moore & Ken Tripp

Talking the making of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Character Unlock (2016-present)

Originally devised as a spin-off to Failed Critics, part of the Failed Media network of podcasts, Character Unlock has now branched off to become its own beast. A video game podcast created by my friend Andrew Brooker and his old mate John Miller, it’s a relaxed, down to earth listen (much like FC).

These guys have forgotten more about games than I’ll ever know, but it’s been much fun shooting the breeze with them on a couple of occasions.


3 – The Horror… The Horror

with Andrew Brooker & John Miller

Discussing Resident Evil and horror in video games


32 – Assassins Pod Pt 2: Enhanced for X-Box One X

with Andrew Brooker & John Miller

Discussing Assassins Creed: Origins and the franchise

The 250 (2017-present)

Created by podcasting friend Darren Mooney, who I met through The X-Cast, and his friend Andrew Quinn, The 250 has swiftly become one of the best Irish podcasts on the web, talking through all 250 movies on the Top IMDB list one at a time, as well as any new films that pop in and out.

Erudite, interesting yet relaxed and funny, The 250 has been a real pleasure to appear on.


28 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

with Andrew Quinn & Darren Mooney

Discussing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 & the Marvel franchise

51 – The 250 Anniversary Special 2017

with Andrew Quinn & Darren Mooney

Segments discussing film lists.


77 – Avengers: Infinity War

with Andrew Quinn & Darren Mooney

Talking about Avengers: Infinity War

103 – The 250 Anniversary Special 2018

with Darren Mooney & Carl Sweeney

Segments discussing film lists, this time in discussion with Darren and Carl.

Always Hold On to Smallville (2016-present)

Unofficially regarded as the sister podcast to The X-Cast, given they launched around the same time with a similar format, Always Hold on to Smallville sees my friend Zach Moore going through classic superhero series Smallville one episode a time, with some DC comics stopoffs on the way. I had never seen Smallville before Zach invited me on but its always fun podcasting with Zach, even if Smallville isn’t–being brutally honest–ever going to trouble my favourite shows of all time list!


34 – Suspect

with Zach Moore

Discussing episode 2×13 ‘Suspect’

The Projection Booth (2011-present)

For my money, The Projection Booth is the best movie podcast on the web. Mike White, the host, delivers podcasts of incredible length and detail, frequently interviewing people in front of and behind the camera for obscure or lost pictures. What it sometimes loses in audio quality it more than makes up for in substance, and I was thrilled to be invited to contribute to the show.

As of writing, I’ve appeared on one episode but I very much hope it’s the first of many.


368 – Twelve Monkeys

with Mike White & Jedidiah Ayres

Talking about Terry Gilliam’s 1995 film, Twelve Monkeys.


397 – Big Trouble in Little China

with Mike White & Vincenzo Natali

Talking about John Carpenter’s 1986 film, Big Trouble in Little China.

The Movie Palace (2018-present)

The first podcast from Carl Sweeney, who cut his podcasting teeth on The X-Cast, and continues to be a regular producer on that show. The Movie Palace corners a niche rarely seen in film podcasts – the Hollywood studio system, covering films roughly pre-late 1960’s. It’s a relaxed, erudite and engaging stroll through cinema of old and for someone like me not reared on these movies, a real education.

Carl has been kind enough to invite me on twice so far and I’m looking forward to doing more in 2019 and beyond.


10 – Singin’ In the Rain

with Carl Sweeney, Earl J. Hess & Prahtiba A. Dabholkar

One originally put together by me for an aborted film podcast. It found a much more suitable home here.

13 – The Night of the Hunter

with Carl Sweeney

Discussing Charles Laughton’s one and only directorial effort from 1955. Warning: contains me singing.

22 – Mary Poppins

with Carl Sweeney & Sarah Blair

Discussing the Disney classic from 1964. Warning: contains more of me singing.

Want to invite me onto your podcast, or interested in appearing on one of mine? Give me a shout – always keen, where possible, to meet new podcasters and explore new audio horizons.